Remote Control Surface Model

2013-02-01By DanCAD, Engineering

Here’s another surfacing model I’ve been working on in SolidWorks. The outer surfaces are super clean and it’s all about the input curves. They have to be continuous and really smooth.Of course Sub-D modeling is all the rage right now and would be a great tool for this model. But I haven’t found a really … Read More

Driver Surface Model

2013-01-22By DanCAD

I’ve been working on a golf driver surface model in SolidWorks. I have modeled driver heads in Alias but hadn’t ever constructed one in SolidWorks. Golf drivers have a couple of very tricky areas for a surfacing model. The surfaces that connect the shaft to the club head need to blend in very smoothly. Looking … Read More

iPresent Box Animation

2012-12-02By DanCAD, Design

Here’s a video I created for Valpak of the Northwest to show off the iPresent box concept. To make this baby I had to put 3 software packages to work: SolidWorks CAD model, KeyShot rendering, and After Effects to add the play-by-play. You gotta’ go to Vimeo for HD: iPresent Box Animation.

David 3D Laser Scanner

2012-11-22By DanCAD, Design

I found what I want for Christmas. Starting at about $500 check out the DAVID 3D laser scanner. The system basically uses a web cam to capture data as you sweep a hand-held line laser across your subject. Then the software can export an STL of your scanned data. Pretty sweet. I’ve always wanted one … Read More

iPad Sound Scoop

2012-08-14By DanCAD, Design

Working on a new design for the iPad presentation box. The client had planned on using the 1st gen iPad for cost reasons but they’ve now decided to switch to the iPad 2. Probably a good idea. The speakers on the new iPads are on the bottom so we need a way to redirect the … Read More