I found what I want for Christmas. Starting at about $500 check out the DAVID 3D laser scanner.

The system basically uses a web cam to capture data as you sweep a hand-held line laser across your subject. Then the software can export an STL of your scanned data. Pretty sweet. I’ve always wanted one of these for modeling existing parts but most of them are pretty pricey.

The accuracy isn’t fantastic as you can imagine but it’s really not bad for such a low-cost solution. For the basic scanner kit you can scan objects from 10-400 mm and the accuracy is about 0.5% of the object’s size. So for a cell phone that’s an accuracy of about 0.6 mm (0.024 in). Not great but it’s better than no 3D data! They also sell a structured light scanner for about $2000 that improves the accuracy to about 0.2% of the object’s size.